Nail fungus

Taking care of your feet is the first step in preventing nail fungus and foot-athlete!

Nail fungus

A fingernail with fungus does not look good. Usually, it starts with nail discoloration in one of the corners and slowly spreads to the entire nail. The nail visible changes are easy to recognize. Therefore, it is important to check your nails regularly, to be able to react before the fungus development.

Nails fungus infections can not be solved by themselves.

With our medical GEHWOL prevention products you can protect your nails and be treated  in our space.

Useful tips:

  • Examine your feet regularly and watch for changes in color, texture and appearance.
  • Maintain proper foot hygiene. Wash and dry well between your fingers.
  • Hydrate your skin. Heat and open shoes can cause rapid loss of moisture on your skin, resulting in cracking. It is important to restore skin hydration with the daily use of cream.
  • Do not wear tight shoes. Buy the shoes at the end of the day when the foot is more swollen.
  • Change socks every day, preferably in cotton or wool.
  • Do not ignore feet pain. Symptoms that increase or do not resolve within a reasonable period of time should be evaluated by a podiatrist.
  • Cut your toenails straight. Do not cut in the corner, so the nail does not get stuck. Lime the corners gently. Avoid removing the cuticles so as not to traumatize and expose the nails.
  • Exercise. Walking is a good way to keep your weight under control and keep your feet in good condition. Make sure you wear shoes that fit your workout.
  • It is important to let the shoes air and dry daily. Avoid synthetic shoes.
  • Always wear slippers in public places such as swimming pools and resorts, to avoid contact with fungus, which proliferate in humid environments.
  • When wearing sandals, put sunscreen on your feet to prevent scalds.
  • Choose to wear cotton socks, which leave your feet cooler and drier. Change more regularly in case of excessive sweating.
  • Treat fungus feet, such as athlete's foot, since the fungus can pass into the nails. In this type of infection it is also recommended to use an antifungal powder in socks and shoes.

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