Varnish Gel or Nail Gel?

The gel varnish is a simpler and faster technique, but it can only be placed on natural nails. It also implies that your nail is exposed to a UV lamp for only a few seconds, however, the process takes only about 30 minutes if it does not include the removal of varnish.

The gel varnish is a type of gel that does not spoil the nail, since it is applied as if it were a conventional varnish, with the only difference being that it is applied its own base before and a top coat at the end. The main advantage of varnish gel over conventional varnishes is its durability, which is far superior.

The gel varnish can last for about three weeks but, unlike gel nails, does not require maintenance, since the product will have to be removed completely, to be put a new one. If you choose the gel varnish, you can also choose from the most varied color options.

This is a good alternative for women looking to keep their nails beautiful but healthy.


  • if you opt for the gel varnish, you can count on always beautiful and well treated nails
  • no drill required
  • It's cheaper than gel nails.
  • the gel varnish will last up to 3 weeks, depending on the nail growth.
  • the gel varnish looks quite natural and does not wear out the nail.

At WN we take the utmost care of the health of your nails so we use the best catalysts and brands on the market.

Gel nails

They are based on a technique that consists in the application of the gel in order to build a natural looking nail.

At WN we do not make gel nails because the health of your nail is a concern for us and we believe that gel nails can make nails brittle and brittle by excessive use of the drill in all maintenance sessions.

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